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Workers train

Workers train, Daxian people's railway for the people during the Spring Festival is over, as people work and life pace, the Spring Festival crowded atmosphere with dimmed. Since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of China's southern coastal areas, is rapidly becoming an important industrial city in our country, the dominant southern industrial development, but also bring more opportunities for the people, more jobs, especially in twentyfirst Century, with the development of economic integration, more and more people are flowing into Guangdong. The coastal industrial cities. However, at the same time give migrant workers bring is an annual transport during the Spring Festival during the return ticket. In recent years, the railway sector continued to improve and promote the railway passenger transport during the Spring Festival should return the climax of the measures, to further meet the needs of travelers booking, online booking, telephone booking open, increase the vending machine and so on, especially the categories: car safety civilization needs our joint implementation in January 19th, opened in Guangzhou to Beihai South D3640 train, a passenger train emergency deceleration caused by smoking, by the railway police fined 1000 yuan. Two years on, EMU train emergency deceleration caused by smoking is not a case of the event. Category: looking back at railway transport during the Spring Festival during the Spring Festival, people with free highspeed road traffic, driving a private car travel, recently, the author learned after the holiday tourism, people drive too much, resulting in a number of highway congestion, and occurred on the rear end accident, in addition, because of the weather, of foggy weather, leading to most the bus station bus. Looking back at the railway, since the spring of last year, the railway passenger traffic is relatively higher. With the continuous development of our economy, the enhancement of comprehensive national strength, the state support for railway development continue to increase, the total railway mileage ranks first in the world, especially in recent years, the rapid development of highspeed railway in China, to continuously improve all about measures to benefit the people, bring people more convenient, more comfortable, more comfortable way to travel. In addition, the railway in the relative shipping, shipping and road have a comparative advantage, in particular the railway affected by external problems, like the spring of this year, the highway toll free, most people drive driving led to the highspeed railway diversified?. category: operators have praised the Guangxi most cities are tourist city. The Silver Beach in Beihai, Guilin Scenery in the world is more famous, every year attracts many visitors to visit, in 2014, with the Guangxi high speed rail road opened, the Nanning Railway Bureau opened between gold Zhou Guilin, the tourist city of Beihai train, not only the railway passenger traffic soared, and Guilin, Beihai passenger growth over the same period the reception. Now, the spring tide is not back, I learned that the Nanning Railway Bureau and local travel together, through the media to carry out tourist train tour marketing activities, and in March 11th, Nanning to Xingyi category: Guangxi high speed rail have been put into operation since the spring of Guangxi high speed rail steady start has been put into operation, the Nanning Railway Bureau, the holidays passenger flow compared with the previous years have shown a substantial rise in 14 years during the Spring Festival, the railway departments issued three travel service line, Nanning Railway Bureau passenger travel around the three:
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